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How It Works

Each Friday, Gill and her team head to Sydney’s produce market in Flemington. This cavernous space is home to 123 wholesalers and is the largest fresh fruit and vegetables wholesale market in Australia. Here, they source produce that has arrived fresh from farmers and growers from all over the country earlier that morning.

It is the ethical grocer’s relationship with these suppliers, built up over the last ten years, that is so important – not only do the team get the right price, they know where the food comes from, how it is transported to the market, and how it has been treated.

It allows the ethical grocer to hand pick market-fresh seasonal produce from wholesalers we like and trust. In effect, the ethical grocer acts as a go-between to shorten the journey between the farm and your plate, ensuring that the produce you choose is of the highest quality and has an ethical provenance. It also means that the discount we receive for buying in bulk, and for our longstanding custom, can be passed on to you.

Let Us Do It For You

At the ethical grocer we believe that the more information we have about the food we buy and consume, the greater the opportunity we have to invest in a healthy lifestyle. Information is power. And when it comes to food providence we have the opportunity to vote with wallets for a healthier, ethical and more sustainable food. But where do you start?

Well, we make it a rule to not believe everything we read or are told. In an age when food is widely mislabelled, where potentially harmful ingredients are disguised in long lists of additives and where you cannot be certain of the country of origin of products, it pays to know what is really going on.

At the ethical grocer we read the labels. And more than that, we understand them. We have an in-depth knowledge of the organic certifiers in Australia and the back stories to sustainable food co-ops the world over. And we care about what we source and supply, where it comes from, what’s in it and how it’s been grown.

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