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Fresh Friday Boxes

We’ve all heard of or been a member of a veggie box scheme. Most of them are a collection of friends who take turns to shop for the collective. It’s a great idea and if you have decent supplies available it can work well. It relies on the fact that everyone spends the same amount each week and that everyone takes their turn at shopping. It can be limiting if you have different needs each week or if you have fussy eaters in your family.

Our Scheme

We source the best produce at the best price that day
We send you a list of what′s available
You choose exactly what you want, no more, no less
We deliver it that day or over the weekend

How Does It Work?

We’ll take some details from you.

The produce list comes via text message or email at around noon on a Friday. Orders are packed on a first come, first served basis so the quicker you get back to us, the more chance you have of a Friday delivery. If you want something special or are unable to get to your phone on Fridays, you can pre-order up to 10am on a Thursday.

How do you get your order to me?

For pre orders you can text, email, or phone. For orders on Friday, replying by text or email is the go. Some people delete the items they don’t want from my list and send it back to me. Some people handwrite their list, photograph it and send it to me it’s really up to you so long as it’s clear.

How do I get your food to you?

Delivery in Dulwich Hill is free. Out of area deliveries are $5. If you want to get together with your neighbours to minimse charges, we charge per house. That means if we drop 3 boxes at one address it’s only one delivery charge. If you want to collect from the shop, that’s fine too. We can even organise an out of hours collection time.

How do you pay for your shopping?

When we pack your order we’ll email you a quote for you to check over. An invoice will be in your box withbank details. Most people pay by bank transfer these days but if you prefer cash, you can pop in and settle your account in the shop. We don’t need you to pay immediately but 14 day terms are our aim.

Need More Reasons To Join?

Bulk buy prices without the need for a walk in pantry

Prices on our list are all by the kilo unless specified. If you order organic carrots, you’ll get a kilo; if you order 200g of organic carrots, you’ll get 200g and we’ll charge you accordingly. Same kilo price no matter how little you order.

When we say fresh Friday, we mean it

We source most of our non-organic produce from Flemington Markets. The trucks come in the dead of night from all over Australia. By 6am everyone is set up and the commercial buyers are making their deals. From 9am the serious shoppers pay $10 to get in and get the first pick of the day for retail. After 10, it’s a free-for-all. More than 75% of our fresh food will be packed, delivered and quite possibly cooked and on the dinner table by Friday evening. We’ll sell what we can on Friday and Saturday and whatever is left will be discounted on Tuesday. Our organic produce comes from a number of suppliers and we restock a couple of times a week. That’s fresh.

Can’t get excited about shopping for food?

Let me! I can get excited enough about food to do your shopping. The more I know about your eating habits, the better I can serve you so the more info you give me, the better. We start with how much you want to spend, foods you love and would eat every week, foods you never want to see in your box and so on.

Order Line Phone:

0403 462803

Email Order To:

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